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Alma destination is envisioned to be a premier waterfront mixed-use destination built on the Red Sea coast on an area of 3.125 million m2 divided into 7 districts centered with 2 islands, connected all via bridges and water canals designed according to the highest urban planning standards, and is considered to be the first project in Jeddah to feature a residential island.

The destination will be featuring an array of residential, hospitality, retail, office and entertainment components, all of which onlook magnificent sea views, providing a unique tourism product of its kind on the Red Sea coast.

Alma destination shines with its waterfronts extending over a distance of 12.6 km, and provides a mine of unique opportunities for investors looking to develop coastal projects in the tourism, residential, retail, hospitality and entertainment sectors. It also hosts a number of boat marinas and luxury yachts, and high-end public facilities. The destination also provides open spaces and areas on the sea and on internal water canals.


Luxury does not end in Alma destination. Here... is a new destination for relaxation and recreation in distinctive resorts and upscale signature villas from international designers, forming with their diversity of designs and services a unique shelter away from the lights of the city. Alma destination is designed to provide exceptional experiences that meet the aspirations of its visitors, regardless of their diverse interests, to give them luxury as they want it.

Residential plots

The residential districts in Alma destination were designed to achieve the luxury of coastal life, through its prime location and its unique structure enhanced with water canals filled with stunning views of the Red Sea to create an exceptional home that combines the vitality and serenity of the sea. Alma destination provides a wide variety of residential land types to meet the different needs of its residents’ lifestyles in order to build an inclusive, diverse and harmonious community.

Rental Spaces and Offices

Alma destination includes a distinctive business district for anyone looking for an innovative work environment filled with elegant office solutions, a luxurious life and a fast and dynamic rhythm. The offices will provide their users with peace and tranquillity with their wide and lively views of the Red Sea canals, allowing them the opportunity to enjoy the experiences and facilities of the destination after a productive work day.

Hospitality/Hotel Services

Alma destination will enable visitors to enjoy various hospitality options comprised of many hotels catering to specially defined categories to suit all different lifestyles to create an integrated destination that meets the diversity of the needs of its visitors.

F&B and Entertainment

Alma destination has greatly prioritised entertainment by allocating spaces for cinema halls, gardens, open green spaces and top-notch restaurants and cafés, in addition to providing water entertainment activities for both residents and visitors alike.

Marina and Piers

Alma destination is distinguished by its turquoise water, which was the inspiration for the design of a primary marina that elevates the standards of luxury coastal destinations. The destination has also taken great care of water transportation by providing sea docks for water taxis that allow internal transportation between the districts.


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Here is a Sustainable Destination

To ensure the sustainability of the environment of Alma destination and the safety of the marine life around it, several studies were conducted before the start of construction work, and many steps were taken in cooperation with local and international experts, such as moving coral reefs from the drilling area and replanting them in a suitable marine area to insure their safety, and maintaining the quality of water in the destination’s canals through a sustainable and eco-friendly water circulation mechanism that takes advantage of the tidal movement to constantly replenish the water and maintain its purity.

Infinite Investment Opportunities

From a Magical Fantasy to a Reality Within Reach
Alma destination is filled with endless investment opportunities through various competitive packages. 49.4% of the destination's area has been allocated to residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects and products that keep up with the aspirations of users and investors alike, to support local content in various stages of development, and to enrich sectors of housing, tourism and entertainment, and contribute to raising the quality of life and increasing the percentage of citizens' home ownership.

Alma destination is a qualitative addition to the Saudi tourism product through the distinctive resorts, beaches and entertainment facilities that will be developed by investors, which will provide opportunities for recreation and practicing various land and sea sports that will contribute to enhancing the vitality of society in line with the ambitious goals of the Saudi Vision 2030.